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Company Profile
Innovation leads development, scientific and technological achievements of the future. Jindingtai Group has a history of more than 30 years. An annual supply of 20 000 tons of high-end precision forged products of different materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel to the global petrochemical engineering fields, ship-building, power plants, machinery and pipeline engineering industries, etc. Jindingtai products cover flanges, pipe fitting, valve body, balls, axle, shafts, couplings, wheels, rings, discs, barrels and other customized products.
As a leading enterprise of forging and processing industry in China, Jindingtai Group constantly adapt to market demand, continuous progress technological reformation and process innovation. Jindingtai group adhering to pursuit of excellence,the spirit of craftsmen for excellence. We continuously optimize the production, management and marketing processes of the enterprise. Make the group a leader in the industry. Over the years, the Group has formed ten core process systems for advanced, stable and efficient forging processing. 
According to customer’s requirements, using advanced production management system to design production process and procurement of raw materual.
2.Re-check. After the raw materials is into factory, mark the furnace number and material grade in time. Simultaneously, re-inspection chemical composition and mechanical properties to ensure that physical indicators are qualified and materials are used properly.
3.Cutting Control. According to the diameter of the products,used hacksaw machine or oxygen for precision cutting and inspect material visual & weight measuring.
4.Temperature Control. For different steel grade, accuracy control initial heating and terminal temperature.
5.Forging. Through die forging, free forging or rolling, visual, dimension,weight check and marking for identification.
6.Rouging. Rough turning is carried out so that the material can better undergo heat treatment.
7.Heat treatment. Depending on the material properties and customer requirements, special heat treatment is carried out to achieve the highest quality standards and customer requirements.
8.Finish Machining. Finish machining, as well as a series of professional strict product size, appearance, finish, sealing surface ultrasonic testing, magnetic powder testing and penetration testing indicators.
9.Surface treatment. To do product marking, cleaning, drying, and then according to customer requirements for surface treatment such as  smear nitrous acid, anti-rust oil, anti-rust paint galvanized or spray.
10.Packing. Products are Packed in plywood boxes, pallets, and special protective fasteners are made to meet the requirements for transportation.
Craftsmanship of excellent quality and a subtle approach to creation. The company always adheres to the concept of "Create first-class products for the World," through the tireless efforts and strict monitoring, "JINDINGTAI" got positive assessment. We awarded ISO9001:2015 quality Certificate, German TUV PED  Russian GOST-R GAS-PROM EAC and TS Certificates. At the moment the company has branches in such cities as Moscow-Russia, Taiyuan-China, Batam Indonesia, Hanover Germany, Houston-USA. In addition, we have representative agreements with many other companies in the World. Our products are supplied to such countries as USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand and other 32 countries around the World. Build on Past Achievements and Open up the Future, the staff of" JINDINGTAI" sincerely cooperate with all our partners from all countries, calling for pioneering and innovation, to create a healthy, stable and strategic partnership.

Factory Address: No.199, Xihetou ,Dingxiang County,Xinzhou City,Shanxi Province,China
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