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What problems should I pay attention to when installing the flange?

What problems should I pay attention to when installing the flange?

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To ensure that installed flanges do not leak oil, what should be noted during installation?

1. The flange shall be strong enough to prevent deformation during fastening. Flange sealing surface shall be smooth and clean, and grease and rust spots shall be carefully cleaned during installation.

2, the sealing pad should have good oil resistance and aging resistance, as well as good elasticity and mechanical strength. The sealing gasket with different section and size should be selected according to the shape of the joint and installed correctly.

3, flange tightening force should be uniform, rubber pad compression should be controlled in 1/3 left.
To ensure that installed flanges do not leak oil, what should be noted during installation?
1. The flange shall be strong enough to prevent deformation during fastening. Flange sealing surface shall be smooth and clean, and grease and rust spots shall be carefully cleaned during installation.
2, the sealing pad should have good oil resistance and aging resistance, as well as good elasticity and mechanical strength. The sealing gasket with different section and size should be selected according to the shape of the joint and installed correctly.
3, flange tightening force should be uniform, rubber pad compression should be controlled in 1/3 left.